Publicerat 2019.09.13

An art exhibition in the form of a participatory market fair for gift economy. Including one illegal performance, two FREESHOPS with tons of free clothing, a sewing workshop, a bike-workshop, workshops for children, lectures and discussions on property and commons. Coffee, beer, knowledge production, cozinesses and criticality.

Linnea hold a BA in from HDK-Steneby and just finished working as Serbian artist Maja Gecic's assistant on a one year grant from the the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Åke holds a Bfa from the Art academy in Bergen and is currently in his second year at the new inquiry-based Mfa program at Valand academy that focus' on the role of the artist in the public sphere.

Datum: 2019.09.13

Tid: 16:00

Plats: Galleri Monitor. Akademin Valand, Chalmersgatan 4

Arrangör: Åke Sjöberg och Linnea Rosenqvist