Bild: Håkan Karlbrand

 Bild: Håkan Karlbrand


Hallå där Jeff Kaller!

Publicerat 2013.03.08

    Jeff Kaller du är keramik konstnär, amerikan och rektor på Stenebyskolan / Pro-Prefekt for HDK. Nästa vecka ställer ni till med Öppet hus och det vill vi såklart veta mer om men först, Steneby och HDK och Stenebyskolan. Vad är vad?!

    - Steneby is a learning environment for material based artistic and design educations. We are actually two schools with several programs: Stenebyskolan, with university and vocational preparation programs and a department within HDK – The School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg, with bachelor and master programs. Steneby is also home to the Steneby Konsthall and Steneby Bibliotek.

    Vad är Stenebys specialitet?
    Steneby is a unique and distinctive place that must be experienced to understand what it is. I think much of this is to do with the environment – both physically, with the outstanding workshops and location, and the creative energy that fills this place. What unites Steneby are the materials we work with - metal, wood and textile – and how we work with them. The “specialty” of Steneby can be described in three words: Investigation, Material and Skill. We aim to have the skills to say new things with traditional materials and techniques, and to combine traditional ways of working with new materials, process and ideas. Investigation is key - investigation through material, through process and through context.

    Nästa vecka, den 12 mars, bjuder ni in till Öppet Hus. Vad händer då?
    On 12 March, we open our doors to all – to see and learn about our educations, our environment and workshops. Guided tours will be available, as will information about the application process, costs and CSN. There will be exhibitions, plenty examples of student work, and more.

    Kan man få möjlighet att snacka med lärare och studenter?
    Absolutely! Choosing a school is an important decision. The chance to speak to students and teachers is probably the most valuable part of the day – ask lots of questions! Ask the questions that are important to you in forming a choice that is right for you.

    Ok tack och lycka till på tisdag!
    För er som vill åka dit så finns det bra väg/tåg/buss beskrivningar på hur man tar sig dit, här.