WeavingLab - Lecture by Marianne Fairbanks

WeavingLab - Lecture by Marianne Fairbanks

Publicerat 2019.10.08

How to invent new ideas about the ancient craft of weaving? The Röhsska Museum welcomes you to a unique opportunity to hear American textile artist Marianne Fairbanks tell about her project the WeavingLab.

The artist Marianne Fairbanks opens her first WeavingLab in Sweden at the Röhsska Museum 12 – 18 October. WeavingLab ran for two summers in Wisconsin. In 2019 it has transitioned into a mobile edition, traveling to new locations domestically and internationally including Illinois, Oslo, Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

WeavingLab invites the public to participate in the process of weaving, speculation and conversation. Tutorials are combined with conceptual inquiries into domains of rhythm, math systems, meditation and materiality. The project both explores and subverts each of these associations, hovering between process and speculation, theory and making providing questions and experiences so that each participant can draw their own conclusions. The project works to extend access to weaving so that we might invent new ideas about textiles, community, and making.

Marianne Fairbanks is a visual artist, designer, curator and Assistant Professor of Design Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her work spans the fields of art, design and social practice, seeking to chart new material and conceptual territories, to innovate solution-based design, and to foster fresh modes of cultural production. The lecture by Marianne Fairbanks is in English.

The Weaving Workshop Revisited have been kindly supported by: Estrid Ericson Stiftelsen, Slöjdföreningens projektstipendium and the Research at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing arts at Gothenburg University.

The programme is part of the Gothenburg design festival, produced in collaboration with HDK- Academy of Design and Crafts, presented as part of Mötesplats Röhsska.

Sammanfattning på svenska Hör textilkonstnären Marianne Fairbanks berätta om projektet WeavingLab. WeavingLab bjuder in allmänheten i processen av väveri, utforskande och dialog och pågår på Röhsska museet mellan den 12–18 oktober. Föreläsningen hålls på engelska. Ingen föranmälan krävs.

Programmet ingår i Gothenburg design festival, producerad i samarbete med HDK – Högskolan för design och konsthantverk inom ramen för Mötesplats Röhsska.

Foto: Marianne Faribanks

Datum: 2019.10.08

Tid: 13:00

Plats: Röhsska museet

Arrangör: Röhsska museet & HDK

Webbsida: https://rohsska.se/aktiviteter/