Utställning och boksläpp: Last Lick - Tommi Musturi

Utställning och boksläpp: Last Lick - Tommi Musturi

Publicerat 2024.06.07




JUNE 7th – JUNE 19th

DETRITI GALLERY Risåsgatan 10 Opening Friday June 7th 17.00-20.00 Longest Night X Detriti Gallery are happy to invite you to an exhibition with new works by one of contemporary comic's greatest and most eclectic artists - Tommi Musturi. Tommi Musturi is a Finnish artist, editor and publisher with an incredibly long back list of published works since he started out creating music, comics and art books in the mid-nineties. Almost thirty years of unstoppable production, experimentation and constant visual communication with a couple of generations of comic artists and underground publishers in Finland and all over the world. Tommi draws in a storm of styles and techniques, from pixels to brush strokes, always fitting the form to the story and message. As an editor and publisher he has been a driving force in shaping the Finnish comics scene through projects like the anthology Glömp (1997-2010), the publishing house Huuda Huuda (2006–2016) and Kutikuti collective (2005 - still going strong). Recently he moved to the village Siuro and opened a bookstore Stuff that presents the margins and experiments of the book form. The exhibition will take place at the end of a week-long residency at Longest Night's screen printing studio in Kortedala where we will work on producing a new hand printed book together. The book will be released at the exhibition opening! www.tommimusturi.com www.kutikuti.com


The Last Lick exhibition and residency are a part of the project Uthållighet-Hållbarhet with support from Göteborgs Stads Kulturförvaltning, Kulturrådet och Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland. Thank You!

Datum: 2024.06.07

Tid: 17:00

Plats: Detriti Gallery, Risåsg. 10, 413 07 Göteborg

Arrangör: Longest Night & Detriti Gallery

Webbsida: https://www.longestnight.se/