Lecture about HDK Zine Archive

Lecture about HDK Zine Archive

The two-day symposium The Weaving Workshop Revisited will include the HDK Zine Archive, an ongoing publishing process facilitated by the artist and senior lecturer in Design at HDK, Mattias Gunnarsson.

HDK Zine Archive documents traces of material work through different formats. This explorative documentation works in relation to issues and methods of self-publishing and the zine, both as object and as possible method for collecting and disseminating knowledge. Adjacent to the workshops there will an exhibition of small-format zines collected by Mattias Gunnarsson and a display of the latest donations to the HDK Zine Archive.

Mattias Gunnarsson is an artist and a senior lecturer in Design at HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts. He has a great interest in and work with zines, self-publishing, publishing as artistic practice and issues revolving independent publishing. Mattias Gunnarsson continuously publishes zines and art publications that he trades in an international network of likeminded zine makers.

HDK Zine Archive will be presented in the Studio 8-13th October.

Foto: Mattias Gunnarsson


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