Bild: Sveriges Arkitekter Västra Götaland

 Bild: Sveriges Arkitekter Västra Götaland

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A-prat med Tham & Videgård

Publicerat 2023.08.21

    Dags för A-prat med Tham & Videgård den 14 september kl 17.30 på Röhsska museet.

    Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård founded their office in Stockholm in 1999, and since then Tham & Videgård has evolved with an experimental approach into a substantial practice with global reach. Tham & Videgård has won several national and international awards, including two of Sweden’s most prestigious titles, Sveriges Arkitekter’s Kasper Salin Prize, for the Kalmar Museum of Art and the KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm. These projects join a diverse portfolio that runs from education buildings to modern art museums, housing, exhibition design and the very influential Tree Hotel in Harads.