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ADA gör: Design, sustainability and future circular business models?

Publicerat 2018.04.20

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--- FULLSATT/FULLY BOOKED --- It is urgent to change both industrial and consumer behaviour if we want to achieve sustainable goals. Cars, fashion and interiors all belong to industries whose business models are built on constant desires for new products – and new designs. Can design reverse the linear business model and contribute to more longevity and circular business models? This will be discussed in depth during the day with both talks and a panel debate with practitioners and researchers from these industries.

In collaboration with Business & Design Lab we are happy to invite you to a half day seminar about this most important topic on Monday 7th of May 14:30-17:30!

Main speakers:
Thomas Nyström, HDK/Rise: Future adaptive design for CBM
Anna Lidström, designer, School of Textiles, Borås: Re-­?design of fashion
Maria Nyström Reuterswärd, HDK/Chalmers: Sustainable design systems

Panel debate: From policy to practice.
Anna Velander Gisslén, EcoDesign Circle
Christer Ericsson, Design Region Sweden
Iréne Stewart Claesson, Lots Design
Jenny Ekman, Möbelbruket
Magdalena Petersson McIntyre, Centre for Consumer Research, GU
Niklas Egels Zandén, School of Business, Economics and Law, GU
Moderator: Anna Rylander Eklund, HBDL/HDK

(see full presentation of all participants below)

14:30 Welcome and introduction Lisbeth Svengren Holm, BDL/KarinPersson, ADA
14:40 Future adaptive design for CBM Thomas Nyström, HDK/Rise
15:00 Re-­?design of fashion Anna Lidström, designer, School of Textiles, Borås
15:20 Sustainable design systems Maria Nyström Reuterswärd, HDK/Chalmers
15:40 Coffee break
16:10 Panel debate – from policy to practice Moderator: Anna Rylander Eklund, BDL/HDK
17:10 Conclusive reflections Lisbeth Svengren Holm and Karin Persson

Seminariet hålls på engelska / The seminar is in English
When: Monday 7 May, 14:30-17:30,
Place: HDK, Kristinelundsgatan 6-8

Arrangör: ADA + Business & Design Lab


--- FULLSATT/FULLY BOOKED --- The seminar is free of charge but with a limited number of seats. Please register at by 2018-04-30/ Det är kostnadfritt att delta på seminariet men det är ett begränsat antal platser så vi vill att ni anmäler er senast den 30/4 till


Thomas Nyström
- industrial designer and PhD student at Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg and Research Institutes of Sweden (Rise Viktoria). Thomas research is focusing on how product design can support the transportation industry, including car companies, to develop circular business models to meet the challenges these industry face when reducing its negative impact on the climate. The significant of the research is to understand the logic of the industry and its capability to change.

Anna Lidström - fashion designer and PhD student at Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås. She is working with artistic research within the field of sustainable fashion, with the focus on exploring and developing alternative design strategies and methods that can meet the challenges of volatile quality of recycled raw materials in a cyclic system. With a strong focus on experimental design research the significance of the research is to investigate the potential of and develop models for resilient design strategies and methods that tackle the challenges in a cyclic system based on re-cycling.

Maria Nyström Reuterswärd - professor, HDK and Chalmers, is doing research in South East Asia, Kenya and Tanzania. Since 2012 she leads the research cooperation with the local universities JOOUST and Maseno in Kisumu, Kenya as part of Mistra Urban Futures research platforms. Several projects have focused on developing Kisumu to a sustainable city with healthy marketplaces, craft projects and destination for tourism (in collaboration with the School of Business, Economics and Law). Maria is currently project leader for the trans-­disciplinary research within SWEMARC, the Swedish Mariculture Research Centre at University of Gothenburg.

Anna Velander Gisslén, Project & Communications Manager EcoDesign Circle, SVID (Stiftelsen Svensk Industridesign).
Christer Ericsson, Design Region Sweden. Organizer of the sustainable award of Design S.
Iréne Stewart Claesson, designer and design strategist, Lots Design. Working with design methodologies aiming for developing solutions supporting people to more sustainable lifestyles.
Jenny Ekman, project manager at Möbelbruket, aiming at a circular business model for chairs
Magdalena Petersson McIntyre, Centre for Consumer Research, CFK, Göteborgs universitet. Research on sustainability and consumer behaviour.
Niklas Egels Zandén, School of Business, Economics and Law, Göteborgs universitet. Research on sustainable policies and integration of sustainability in corporate strategies.

Anna Rylander Eklund,
senior lecturer at HDK and researcher at Business & Design Lab and Gothenburg Research Institute where she leads the project “Organizing design and designing organizations for change”.

Lisbeth Svengren Holm holds the chair of the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg's professorship in design management, Gothenburg University. She is director of Business and Design Lab since February 2015.
Karin Persson, concept developer and editor at ADA, a platform for creative people working in the Gothenburg region.


PS. Detta blir andra gången gillt med detta ämne, då vi fick ställa in förra gångens försök före jul pga sjukdom. Vi har nu istället maxat programmet till att bli minst dubbelt så matigt! DS.