There and back again: A journey with jewellery

Attai Chen is an artist who is primarily working in the medium of art jewellery. In 2011 he established his workshop in Munich, with Barbara Schrobenhauser, Nicola Scholz and Judith Günwald. Attai Chen's jewellery art work has been exhibited at galleries and museums worldwide including a solo exhibition in the The Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2014.

Attai Chan about his lecture:

"In this lecture I would like to share with you some of the ideas and perceptions that have inspired and shaped my work processes. I will focus on critical occurrences that had formative influence on the way that I relate to and interact with matter. I shall talk about my relationship with jewellery: how did I come to choose to express myself through this medium and how did the interaction with jewellery shape me as a maker."


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