Sequencing through Collaboration. Workshop with Photographer Jason Vaughn

HDK in collaboration with Nevven Gallery is hosting a two days workshop with the American fine art documentary-photographer Jason Vaughn, which is opening his next solo exhibition at the Nevven Gallery this coming October 18.

This workshop will focus on sequencing photographs through partnership with another photographer. The primary objective is to complete and compare 2 small artist books - one that you have sequenced yourself and one that your partner has sequenced without knowing the background of the work. This exercise provides an objective and artistic perspective on your work, while also fostering conversation about sequencing. Guest photographer Jason Vaughn will discuss his methods of sequencing both published and hand-made books. Finally, the guest artist will curate a group book using participant images, to remain in the HDK’s fanzine collection.

The workshop will be free, open to the public (also from outside HDK) and doesn’t require any pre experience in book-making. Participants should bring 2 identical sets of 12-20 printed images, maximum dimensions 10x15 cm. In addition, 2-4 images for the collaborative piece, sized from 10x15 cm to 20 x 25 cm.

The workshop will be held in the library of HDK on the afternoon of Monday, October 15 and Tuesday, October 16 in two sessions of 2 hours each, from 17:00 to 19:00.

The workshop is limited to 16 participants which will be registered in order of applying until the workshop is full.

Applications should be emailed to: and should include name, surname, email and phone nr.


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